C5/X5 Series

Viridian C5-X5 EZ-Clip Hybrid Holster


With Built-in ECR Instant-On Technology, The Hybrid EZ-Clip Holster is made with a leather backer for all day comfort, and an adjustable retention vacuum formed Kydex shell for an exact fit. As with all of the EZ-Clip holsters, the ride height & weapon cant are adjustable for maximum comfort while carring your C-Series or X-Series equipped weapon. All Viridian ECR equipped holsters are made with full slide and attachment coverage. Please note any modifications(Supressor Sights, Threaded Barrel, etc.) to your weapon in the Special Instructions area to ensure a perfect custom fit. This holster comes with our lifetime warranty, but due the special nature of the holster, it is nonrefundable.

This holster can be worn in any position inside the waistband. For a more comfortable fit, you can also wear this holster betwwen the pants and belt to minimize the bulkiness of full sized handguns.

This Holster is made for Viridian C & X Series lights and Lasers ONLY

If you have a Viridian E or R series light or laser, or any other brand of laser, this holster will not work.


If you are selecting the C-Series, please note in the special instructions the EXACT model of C-Series Laser that you have. If you are unsure, contact me and I can identify the model you have. You can also visit the Viridian website to verify your model.

Gen 1(Original Version) C5, C5L, CTL

Gen 2(2023 Version) C5, C5L, CTL, CTL+


Check out my Instagram page to see some of my custom work. https://www.instagram.com/theis_holsters/

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