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The quality of horsehide, being imported to the USA, has hit a all time low. Some holster makers may continue to use it, but I am not one of them. The quality is too flimsy to offer safe and firm retention of your firearm. Should things change I will add it back, but at this point I cannot put my name on it. For the reasons stated above, I have added the new premium leather. It shares many of the same qualities of horsehide.
The premium leather is a treated and hand rubbed top of the line cowhide. It is Sweat Resistant, softer, and smoother on both sides making it very pleasant to wear. It molds to your body quicker, shortening the break-in time.
I made the Single Clip holster first. It was designed for small 380 and 9mm pistols. It is tuckable, and you can adjust the cant and ride height. Even though I stated it was for small guns, people kept ordering them for big full size guns. I designed the EZ Clip Holster for all size guns, and the beefier clip mounts & holds even the larger frame guns firmly. The EZ Clip holster is not tuckable, but you can adjust it from a straight drop to forward cant. I design all my holsters to be worn at the 4 to 5 o'clock position, however these 2 can be worn any location like appendix or crossdraw. Both can be worn IWB or OWB in between the belt and the pants.
That can be different for everyone, but my Double Clip IWB wins most of the time. The 2 clips spread out and balance the weight of the gun, and the leather between the clip and kydex shell allows the gun to flex with your movement. This also allows the gun to pull up closer to your body. The leather molds to your body after about 3 to 4 weeks of wear and you don't even notice it is there. As with most IWB holsters, you will need to wear pants 1 size larger than normal to make room for the gun. The Single Clip and EZ Clip holsters are easier to put on, and are great for the quick trip to the store. If you are going to carry all day, nothing is more comfortable or concealable than my 2 clip IWB model. People that have never carried inside the waist automatically think that the smaller the holster the more comfortable it will be. That is just not the case with this type of holster. The leather backer on the 2 clip holster is what makes it so comfortable, which is why 90% of the holsters I sell are the double clip model.
Yes. I offer full slide coverage. It covers the complete lower section of the slide all the way to the muzzle, protecting the front sight. It is a $10 option, and makes a much nicer holster in fit and appearance.
I only make Combat Cut holsters which does not cover the grip. The reason I will not cover the grip is simple: If you have to draw your gun to save your life, the last thing you need is a piece of leather hitting the web between your thumb and forefinger causing you to be a second too slow on the draw. I would like to have your business, but it is not worth it to me to sell you something that I feel is an unsafe design.
When I started building holsters, I decided not to build them to swap kydex; here is why. When I first started carrying, long before I even thought about building holsters, being able to change kydex bodies on another brand holster sold me; I thought it was a great idea. I bought 1 holster and 2 extra kydex bodies. As time went along, it became a hassle changing out the kydex when I wanted to change carry guns. I ended up buying 2 more leather backers so I could have 3 full holsters. The leather molds to the gun, and placing a new kydex shell on molded gun leather results in an improper fit until the leather re-molds to the new gun. I did not want to put my customers through what I went through, because some things just aren't as user friendly as they seem.
I don't build holsters with the mag holder attached. The main reason I don't is that I can't feel good about it. In a situation where you really need the other mag, the last thing you need is to have to change hands with your gun to get the spare mag, and then change hands again to continue firing. That could get you killed, and that is what bothers me. Knowing that I made someone a bad design on a mag holster is why I just can't do it. I firmly believe that the gun needs to stay in your good shooting hand, and that a mag holder needs to be on your weak side. This allows you to grab the extra mag, slap it in the gun quickly, and continue firing. I hope you can understand my feelings on this.
My holsters are NOT designed to carry small of the back, and I do not make a holster for small of the back carry. While it seems to be a great way to carry a firearm, it is the most dangerous. If you take a hard fall backwards, the firearm can cause serious spinal injury. Also, drawing with your palm out causes the muzzle to sweep your body when you pull the firearm out of the holster. It is too easy to shoot yourself, especially if you are in a struggle. Last but not least, should someone get you pinned down it is extremely hard to get to your firearm in the SOB position. There is not many holster makers that build an SOB holster- not many that care about the safety of their customers anyway. I would love to have your business, but there is just too many problems with small of the back carry for me to build that type holster.
Some gun models are too heavy or too thick for my EZ Clip & Single Clip Holsters. The IWB double clip holsters will work for ALL models and barrel lengths. In certain cases, a special order can be made after first contacting me and discussing the order.
All holsters come with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and a Lifetime Warranty. Wear it 2 weeks. If you don't like it, return it for a full refund! (Excluding Special Orders)
I do not line my holsters, and here is my take on this. I have carried both my G27 and my G30 in this type holster for 6 years and there is no holster wear on the leather side of the slide and no holster wear on the kydex side either. It is not the kydex or the leather that wears the finish off the firearm it is the dust particles that settle between the firearm and your holster. As you walk they work on your firearm like sand paper. If you carry every day take a real close look at inside your holster and around the trigger of your firearm and you will see what I am talking about. I unholster every night and at least twice a week wipe down my firearm and inside my holster and I believe that this is why my guns show no holster wear.
You can pay online with a Credit/Debit Card or PayPal. You also have the option to mail me a Check or Money Order. The mailing address is listed under the "About" section on the main page.

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