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This is my 3rd purchase from Theis. I’ve tried CrossBreed and StealthGear, but I prefer the EZ Clip. I also like supporting small business owners. Highly recommend and will purchase from again.
Got the kydex speedy clip OWB holtser for my Walther PPQ M2 .45 with Crimson Trace CMR 206 laser. WOW. You have outdone yourself. It fits my body curve perfectly with no sag and the gun fits in the holster with the laser like he used mine for the mold. Absolutely perfect!!!! My biggest issue with carrying has always been comfort and concealment. This is by far the most comfortable holster I have ever used and will definitely recommend them and get more my self. Great work Tommy!!! You sir are an expert at your craft.
-Tony McClanaghan
I got my IWB Viridian C5-X5 IWB Hybrid Holster two days ago and I have been wearing it since (other than to bed...the wifey wouldn't have that. lol). It is flawless! So very well made! I am absolutely pleased with both the product and the customer service that this US family-owned business delivers. Mr. Tommy Theis fully disclosed everything from the point of purchase to shipment. Extremely professional. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for a quality product and exceptional customer service. Well done!
-George G
Just Received my Viridian Reactor All Kydex IWB Holster , Excellent job! Great fit, very comfortable
Great holsters, excellent leather work. Thank you
-Danny Oscariz
Received my IWB last week and have worn it every day since to start breaking it in. Black with premium leather, full slide coverage and j-clips for my G42. Tommy, you are indeed a true craftsman! Glad you took your time to get it exactly right. The extra effort you put in to perfectly dress all the edges is very apparent. It was very comfortable from 1st use, and doesn't print at all (my intent is deep conceal to consistently carry). It molded to my hip very quickly, and now that it's somewhat broken-in I actually forget it's on. Love the sweat-resistant leather!!! I'll be ordering an EZ-Clip as soon as the current politically based gun feeding-frenzy is over and the G30S I'm dying to get becomes avail. Sadly, no one is even taking orders now so must wait. Count me as a 110% satisfied future repeat customer..
-Joe W
The quality and craftsmanship is 10/10!!
This is my third Theis holster and if the first two are any indication of the new one then I’m certain I’ll be pleased. I ordered my first one over 5 years ago and I’m still pleased with its performance and durability and I happen to be wearing it as I write this review. I opted for the thicker leather and full slide cover because I wear this one while I’m on my tractor. It has held up to everything I’ve put it through and it still looks great and I have no complaints.
I ordered a IWB holster for my PPQ with an Olight PL Mini 2 on it. I honestly couldn’t find anywhere that they made a holster for that gun with that light Till a buddy of mine recommended here, ordered, knew it was a custom make so it’ll take some time, that’s fine. When I got the holster I was so excited and from day 1 it was working for me, didn’t have to do any readjustments, re-holstering is a bit bothersome sometimes, cuz it doesn’t go straight in, have to do some wiggling for it to be seated right. But no, I didn’t have to do anything and it just worked. And now I get to carry the light on my gun.
-Don Johnson
Just received my Jake belt and Kahr P40 kydex holster. Outstanding products! Easily beats the cheap over the counter stuff for fit and quality. Fits perfectly even with the Streamlight TLR-6 custom order.
-Scott Balliet
I just received my second Theis IWB holster, and I will absolutely order one every time I buy a carry pistol. I'm completely satisfied with the functionality, comfort, quality, and price. I don't think you'll find a better product or value for concealed carry. I've had my first holster for over 7 years, so I know what to expect for longevity and break-in. Buy with confidence!
Just bought my 2nd Theis holster and as far as I’m concerned I will never own another iwb holster. Exceptional quality and service. Thanks Tommy you’re the man. -US Marine
Just got my 3rd holster from Theis Holsters today (June 29, 2020. The only thing I did to it was replace the clip with a Utiliclip (as I did with all the holsters). And like a broken record.... it is very comfortable, and quality workmanship. Though Tommy is on a 4-6 week turn around I got this holster 3 weeks and 2 days. Thanks Tommy for the quality and speed.
-Danny D.
I want to add my voice in testimony to the excellent product quality and customer service that Tommy provides. I don't do product reviews but I'm making an exception this one time because Theis Holsters offers excellence at a time when excellence is harder to find. I also took a look at their Facebook page (I don't do that either) and came to recognize that Tommy, his beautiful family and his business reflect honest american values, integrity and craftsmanship. Just good people and good products.
-Jim Johnson
Received my Kydex holster. Excellent job! Great fit,very comfortable, Quality throughout! Holster: IWB for S&W MP Shield 40 cal. Only wish you could make one for my CS45. Thank you for your time and craftsmanship with this excellent product. God Bless, Good Luck. Stay Healthy and Be Safe. 06.04.2020.
-Gerard Purcell
So worth the wait... I needed a left handed owb holster that held my 9mm with a Armalaser and got way more than I imagined. Thank you Tommy!
-Jake Hutchens
This is the second Theis Holster I have ordered in 5 years. Mr. Theis makes a quality product and tests each holster before it ships out. Like all good holster, you will have to have patience as it will be a few weeks before it arrives. You will not be disappointed with your new holster.
-Paul P
This is the third holster I have bought from theis holsters. Quality products that are comfortable to wear and very durable. Highly recommended.
-Richard Mims
I am very pleased with Theis holsters. They fit extremely well and are very comfortable to wear. The quality of Theis holsters is exceptional.
-Jim S
I love these holsters, had my first one for over 10+ years when I started to carry concealed never a issue. The longer i wore it the more comfortable it became. After awhile I started to forget I was even wearing at times ended up upgrading my iron, so I wanted the same comfort and concealment so ordered a new one to match. I went a different route with my first purchase, but wasn't happy with it because I was so comfortable with my old one. Tommy honored his promise and made it right not only making the design I loved but also gave me new clips for my other holster I order years ago since the metal ones had worn out over the years of abuse it encounter from me. These Holsters are the best I've ever had and the customer service is second to none.
-Life time customer
I was concerned about what the holster would end up like as I have a specific and somewhat unique mix of laser/light and optics on my handgun. I am very happy with it and with the fit it is apparent that care was taken as if the holster was being created for your personal use. A lot of things could have gone wrong in the fit, laser auto-turn on feature, kydex/leather tightness and on. It's perfect. I compare all my holsters to one I have that was made specially by the gun manufacturer for another gun I have with a unique set up and I was concerned how short it would fall from that standard. I am pleased to say that it exceeded that standard and is now my favorite holster. Thanks :-)
3/7/2020: I went to all the big boys looking for holsters for my wife's new S&W M&P 9 Shield EZ. Alien Gear, Vedders, Crossbreed, but none of them offered the holster at that time. The shops that offered the holster for the EZ were "taco" style kydex. I researched for a good 2 weeks and ran across Theis Holsters. I read ALL the reviews and decided to order single clip hybrid holster.... it came in and my wife has been wearing it for a week and she loves it. I Tried it too and found it to be quality and comfort. I've ordered a hybrid for my son's M&P Shield 9 (1.0). And soon will order another for my 9 EZ.
-Danny D.
Great holster well worth the wait. Mr Theis is a one man show and produces a premium quality product. Will be buying more in the future.
-Martin Nguyen
Mr. Thies, I received the holster you made for me and I couldn't be more impressed. It's awesome and is a perfect fit. I will be adding to my collection. Thank You, Your Client Carl Ballinger
-Carl Ballinger
I have nothing but good things to say about Tommy and his products... I have several all-Kydex holsters, as well as a "Jake" belt; they are all superior in craftsmanship, particularly the belt. I would not hesitate to recommend Theis products to anyone. Thank you.
-Richard Walters
Not much I can say that the holster wont say, I'm on my third different holster right now and all three are excellent. 1st one is a double clip hybrid, premium upgrade, 2nd was the more budget ready to go style double clip that was still excellent, now I have the single clip hybrid and its amazing how comfortable it is. Absolutely cannot beat the customer service either!
-Patrick Fisher
Since Nov. I've asked Mr. Theis for two different holsters for my Glock 45 calibers. I received the second one recently & like all the others he has made for me they are better than anything you will ever find in any store. This is the 4th holster he's made for me, & based on the quality of his work, I'll never buy from anyone else. Thank You, Mr. Theis, for the excellent quality of your work, & for the Pride, you take In, "Made In America!"
-J. West - South Carolina
I received my holster for my cz po7. It is so comfortable to wear. This is my second holster and will buying more if needed: Great product
Although I had a previous holster from Theis holsters for my 1911 Commander size pistol, when I saw he started making a single clip "tuckable" holster, for it, I immediately ordered it. Mr. Theis makes great hybrid holsters. I ordered a full slide coverage, premium leather, and a metal clip. The retention was perfect. Fits perfect too. Since Mr. Theis does all the work himself, he takes his time to do it right. His great custom work is in high demand, so it may take some time, before you receive your holster. However it is definitely worth the wait. Best holsters I have ever had, out of forty-two years of carrying a handgun.
-Michael R Fallon
I ordered a holster and Jake belt a month ago and they were definitely worth the wait. The belt is very well made and I would spend that again before I go buy a belt elsewhere. I have looked at other gun belts but this one is by far better. Holster fits perfect and shows the craftsmanship that went into it. Thanks Mr. Theis, it’s hard to find quality goods anymore! I will be ordering more in the future. Gary
-Gary Nickell
I bought a holster and a Jake belt in 2014. I have literally worn them every day for years and I love them both. More than anything I love that my belt still looks great and is strong. I just ordered another Jake belt in black. The customer service is awesome. Very responsive and transparent. You cant go wrong with Theis! I am grateful for Great American made products!
Theis quality, holsters, and customer service are hands down the best in the industry. This is my 4th or 5th Theis holster EZ clip. Bought this one for my new g19. First one with premium leather and I can highly recommend this option. Mr. Theis is fair, meticulous about his products, and will go out of his way to ensure your satisfaction. Oh yeah, he’s an Arkansas boy, too!
Just got my all Kydex holster for my M&P 9 compact 4” barrel. Fit like a glove and the fit and finish is outstanding. I also have an all kydex holster for my shield both are high quality as you would expect from a Theis holster. Thank you.
-Mark Miela
I received my "Jake Belt" today, 12-5-19 & I could not be happier with the overall quality & craftsmanship. This is my 3rd product I've ordered from Mr. Theis since Sept. & there is no doubt he is the best in the business. It is a genuine pleasure to find someone who takes as much pride in the quality of the product he sells as Mr. Theis does. For anyone who is in the market for a custom built holster, a hand made belt, or any of his hand crafted items, I strongly encourage you to contact Mr. Tommy Theis. You can't go wrong with any of his quality made products. Thanks Mr. Theis, You have a customer for life here! Joey West - Graniteville, SC
-Joey West
I’ve purchased both an IWB holster and a Jake belt from Mr Theis. Both items are fantastic. When the time comes to change my EDC or want an additional belt color, I will look no further than Mr Theis.
-Tom C
This is my second holster I've ordered from Mr. Theis within two months. Once again, it is everything I expected it to be. Excellent in every way! Both of my Glock hand guns fit perfectly like hand in glove. If there is anyone out there looking for the perfect holster, whether it be outside the waistband, or for concealed carry, you need look no further than Mr. Tommy Theis. He's the absolute best in the business! J. West Graniteville, S.C.
-Joey West
I just received my Theis holster for my Springfield TRP Operator .45 pistol, with Veridian C5L Green laser/light. It’s a high quality/rugged work of art that can withstand the rigors of day to day carry and any unexpected events that may arise. The auto on/off function of my laser/light works perfectly. The next holster I purchase will definitely be from Theis. ‘BZ” Mr. Theis Best regards Stan P. USMC 1969-71 USN 1975-94
-Stanley Powell (MCPO, USN, Ret.)
XD® MOD.2® – 3″ SUB-COMPACT MODEL 9MM This is my first carry holster got one for my gun and one for carrying a two mags. I am very pleased great quality great service and very pleased highly recommend. Thank You
-Richard Tuttle
I purchased the Full Slide Outside OWB Holster for my EAA Witness. Most companies don't offer a holster for the model I have, let alone if you have a light on it. But Tommy does. I received my holster about 4 months ago. It has been my EDC holster since. The premium leather looks great, the Kydex has great fit/finish. I am glad I found Theis Holsters and definitely recommend them.
-Ralph Russell
Sturdy and comfortable. I had a friend of mine reccomend me to buying a Theis holster and now I wont buy anything else. They're built solid with fantastic quality. Totally worth getting the premium leather, you're gonna be wearing this all day! No complaints whatsoever. I have a 2 clip holster for my HKVP9 and surprisingly I can conceal a duty size pistol with no hassle at all. If you want comfort and quality you found the right place. And the price is fantastic, any other brands would charge double for this quality. I've paid more for a strictly kydex holster (most uncomfortable thing in the world). No doubt in my mind that this is what you're looking for.
-Vince D
Just wanted to say Ive just ordered 4 more of you hybrid holsters.I have 2 for Beretta Nano that you made 4 or 5 years ago.Have been carried daily Just as good a shape as they were when I unboxed them.You personally gave me a call about that order and said within 2 weeks I would never know I was packing.Within a week I dont even pay any attention to it being on me.Most comfortable thing I ever bought.Just wanted you to know I am probable one of your most satisfied customers,Doing a great job and have sent dozens of people to you.Keep up the great work.
-troy perkins
This is the third iwb holster I've had made from Theis Holsters and this time I got the premium leather and extended kydex to cover the entire slide on my Glock G43X. It's well worth the extra money and every holster he has made me has been perfect! Fine craftsmanship and I had the holster a week after I ordered it. Theis holsters are all I will ever buy for concealability!
I received my custom holster today, (9-20-19) and was amazed at the quality of work Mr. Theis put into it. In today's world it's truly a pleasure to know there is someone who cares enough to provide a quality made product which is crafted in the USA! I'm so glad I was told about Mr. Theis & his excellent hand made products crafted in America! I will definitely continue to do business with Mr. Theis, and tell others about him...
-J. West - South Carolina
Learned about Theis Holsters eavesdropping on a conversation where a guy was reaching out for a good holster for a similar firearm I owned. Someone chimed in about Tommy and directed him toward Theisholsters.com and I had to check it out. Long story short, I ordered a hybrid with premium leather and polymer clips and it's the best leather I've felt, with great fit, design and adjustability to tweak it right where you want it over a length of time. Got it where I like it now, and after a few months that leather is butter smooth. Just received my second order for another firearm with great surprise and got the same fantastic results. Highly recommend this product and maker. You only know what you've experienced, nothing more. If you are considering daily carry, choose the style that fits your situation and run a favorite firearm in a Theis Holster. You won't regret it.
-Andy in New Trier
Been carrying a Shield for almost a year in a Theis holster. I will not purchase a holster from anywhere else now! Just ordered another one for a 19x. Great products!
This is my second holster from Thies and if you don't mind the wait you won't find any better. Perfect fit on both occasions.
-James Schneider
I've purchased several holsters in the past from Theis and they were spot on perfect fits, very high quality and most importantly comfortable. I purchased a holster for a rarer firearm and it didn't meet expectations initially, Tommy paid shipping both ways and met all my concerns/needs promptly and professionally. You can't ask for better customer service, he does right by his customers and puts out a very high quality product while doing so. Thanks for everything Tommy, I'm a lifelong customer.
-Zach S
What a great holster. Very well made and comfortable. Holds my heavy gun great and I still don’t have it broke in!! It will only get better! Thanks for a great holster!!
-Joe Skupa
Pretty neat custom holster... good quality holster, look nice and work perfectly with my setup (Polymer n viridian C5 series). Talk to him few times and pretty nice n friendly guy... very imformative to. You’ll get what you pay for.... top notch! Very recommended...! Thanks tommy.... 👍
This is my 1st custom holster for my handgun and I went with Tommy due to the positive reviews. I can't wait to get it and try it out. My next purchase from Tommy will be a full kydex version and after 1 of his Jake belts. Keep up the great work, Tommy.
-Walter Stillwagon
Just received my holster today for the glock 19x With the CMR 204 laser-light. I am so pleased with the fit and quality of the holster and wanted to thank you. I will be ordering other holsters from you. Thanks Paul busch
-Paul Busch
CZ P-01 EZ-Clip holster. Like most people, before I purchased a holster I did my homework. The reviews for Tommy Theis' work was well known and wide spread on the gun forums and blog reviews from some pretty reputable folks. 5 star rating after 5 star rating. This in and of itself can seem too go to be true. It happened that the EZ-Clip hoster was exactly what I was looking for, the price was fair, and did I mention it is a CZ, not everyone does CZ. So I "pulled the trigger." I placed my order which took 2 minutes. Got an email from Theis Holsters saying hi, thanks and you are in the queue. Along with more details on process. Anyway, 9 days later a little package arrived at the door. Perfectly packaged. I tore it open and tried it on. Bam, new holster. Retention was perfect out of the box. the leather was a good quality (ordered standard leather). Is stiff enough to keep my not so light P-01 up right. I really appreciate the quality of the EZ-Clip. It is substantial but not bulky. Cant and high are adjustable. It fit my 1.5" gun belt and hung on. Nothing but smooth surfaces everywhere. Makes a nice draw. I will not bore you with any more details, just read all the other 5 star ratings and you will understand the quality of the holsters. Thanks for the kick-ass holster.
-Chris Dodich
Ruger lcp 2 holsters are awesome! Will be repeat customer.
-Steve S.
I got a little bit long winded in this, but I felt it was deserved. High quality, pride in his craftsmanship, and amazing customer service. It's quite difficult today to sometimes find just one of these qualities, but Theis Holsters definitely has all three! Theis holsters are my all time favorites. Between my wife and I, we've purchased 4 of them, among other things. So far 1) Glock 23 IWB, horse hide 2) Glock 23 OWB, (belt loops) with TLR-1 3) Springfield XD-9 IWB, premium leather compact with TLR-4 4) Kimber OWB (belt loops) TLE/RL II with Surefire X300 Ultra. 5) Double mag holder OWB (belt loops) for the 1911 mags. 6) Jake Belt I honestly don't recall how I first learned about Theis Holsters, and I was slightly skeptical at first with regards to ordering a custom holster from I guy who admittedly "does it in his garage" haha. However, the pictures of his work seemed high quality, and out of all of the holsters that I'd acquired over the years, I hadn't found one that I'd call "perfect," so I figured I'd give it a shot. When the first one (Glock 23 IWB horse hide) arrived, I could immediately tell that it was a high quality product made by someone who actually cares about what they're doing. At first, there was a good bit of "squeaking" from the leather (I also was just wearing a cheap leather belt that wasn't designed with carrying in mind haha). He stated on his site that this would be the case, so it didn't bother me. It also said that after a couple of weeks with regular carry that the squeaking would subside, which it did. Ive owmded several IWB holsters, and it is by far the most comfortable and also does the best job of concealing my weapon. While a Glock 23 is the compact "mid sized" Glock, it's far from what I'd call a small pistol, and it is virtually invisible with this holster. After a couple of months with it, I decided to order another one for myself, OWB with by loops, for my Glock 23 with a Streamlight TLR-1, and one for my wife. An IWB premium leather for her Springfield XD-9 compact with a Streamlight TLR-4. My experience with these two was the same as with the first, essentially perfect. After I ordered holsters 2 and 3, I saw that he also offered something called a "Jake Belt." I was slightly skeptical about the Jake Belt actually making a difference, but at the time I needed a belt anyway and since the holsters were so good, I figured I'd give it a shot. Again, I was blown away! This is a very thick, very sturdy belt that also manages to look good. I hate I didn't have one 14 years ago when I started carrying. For Christmas of 2017, my PERFECT wife bought me a Kimber TLE/RL II with a stainless finish. She had coordinated with my father, and he got for me a Surefire X300 Ultra which I received later that afternoon. I obviously knew exactly what holster I'd be getting for it. So I ordered an OWB with belt loops for it in premium leather. Now here's one of the things I found most impressive about all of this: CUSTOMER SERVICE, which as many of you I'm sure, I assumed was dead in this day and age. A few days after placing my order, I got a call from Mr. Theis. He said that he noticed I'd selected the high quality leather option (a $10 option if I recall correctly). He then went on to say that he would absolutely make the holster the way I wanted it, but there was something I should know. The high quality leather was actually not as stiff as the regular leather. Since it was for a full sized 1911 (meaning quite a heavy piece of hardware) with a light, that I would probably actually be happier with the standard leather. Since it was a good bit stiffer, it would support the weight better, and probably be more comfortable because of that. I agreed when I found that out and we changed my order, and he refunded me the $10. So in today's world, where everyone is trying to milk as much money as they can out of everybody, and tries to upsell you on everything, this man took the time to call me, and actually talk to me and try to figure out what would work best for me! He actually gave up $10 in sales, because he knew that the cheaper option would actually be better for my application. I teach firearm safety classes as sort of a side job/hobby, and I recommend Theis holsters to every single student I have. He has several different designs, and in my opinion, there's one that will do what you need. This got much more (long winded) than I had planned, but I just wanted to explain why Theis holsters will continue to have my business for a very long time.
I received my IWB holster a few days ago and wanted to use it for a while to see how it fit my FNS 40 and my comfort. I was way beyond pleased with the comfort of use and the expert craftsmanship of the holster. Tommy Theis knows his craft well. Great price and excellent quality.
-Ron M.
Just received it today, I was skeptical when placing the order. As other and larger makers could not make a IWB holster for my set up. But I was wrong it fit fantastic, I am wearing it now to break it in and I don’t know I am wearing it. I can only imagine how it will feel as it breaks in. Great job I am a true believer !!!!!
-Thom P
I just got my IWB holster in. Came in quicker than anticipated too! Put it on right away and got it dialed in, to where i want it to ride on my pants. Its comfortable and amazing right off the bat! I can't wait to see how it is when the leather gets broken in a bit. My ppq isnt a small pistol, but it definitely makes it comfortable to wear so far. Although with my thinnest material shirt (super thin shirt,) it prints quite a bit. I can't wait to pick up another one from Theis for my PPS m2!
-IWB for my PPQ .45
Just received my IWB holster today, April 2, from Tommy and as he stated it was almost 6 weeks to the day from initial order to receipt of product. My Sig SP2022 with Crimson Trace Rail master CMR-206 laser fit perfectly into the holster. I mean like a glove it fit perfectly. This was my first order from Theis Holsters and if I ever need a specific type of holster again I will order from Tommy. The gun rides a little high on my belt but still very concealable and able retrieve without any problems. Great Job!!!
-Tom P.
Purchased a single clip hybrid holster for my m&p shield. This is by far the nicest most comfortable holster I’ve ever worn. The craftsmanship and attention to detail he puts into each holster is amazing, no shortcuts!! Highly recommended these holsters!!
Just received my holster for my Taurus 817 a few days ago and it looks to be just what I needed. I will certainly recommend Theis Holsters. Thanks for your prompt email on my question prior to order and then your prompt service in getting the holster to me.
-Eli Duke Jr
Just got my new Theis Holster in the mail. This makes my 6th ! QUALITY! By far the most comfortable CC holster I have ever owned! Thanks for a GREAT product. Will continue to support this fine company
-Mark West
Ordered a hybrid for my H&K VP9sk. Workmanship is excellent...made in America lives again. Holster is a perfect fit and holds the firearm well against my body. I will be ordering again without question.
-M. Neff
I've bought 2 holsters for my M&P 9mm w/ Centerfire Light/Laser. These holster, along with Tommy's customer service are superb. I'm in CA and couldn't find a local maker that could accommodate my configuration.
-Tom O.
Received my IWB holster with the treated premium leather. Very concealable, I can wear a t shirt and don’t print my Walther P99C. Very comfortable and molded to my body in about a day. Tight retention. Perfect
-Greg R
Searched everywhere for an OWB for my Shield 45 with Viridian light.....no where to be found..I contacted Theisholsters and they built it for me. Awesome job and perfect fit.....thanks sir. Great job...
-Gerard Roy
I just received my Theis holster from Tommy-even got it sooner than the tracking number indicated which was a great surprise for me. Tommy is the only holster maker that I could find that made a holster to fit my Smith & Wesson M&P 40 with a Veridian X5L attached to the rail for IWB. It is fantastic. only one issue and that involved the ambidextrous slide release and I emailed Tommy about it, and he called me right away with the fix...and it was so simple. This is truly one of the best holsters I have ever owned. Based on my experience, my wife now wants one for her Ruger SR 22. How about another holster Tommy...
-Daniel Erickson
I everything about this belt is just what was promised. It is quite stiff and it is quite a bit thicker than conventional belts which i quite like. It pairs well with the Theis IWB holster I've had for almost a decade and still works great. The experiences I've had with Theis products and customer service has been absolutely flawless. If you're buying a belt anyway I would highly recommend buying from Theis
-Greg Buscher
Tommy Theis is the most professional and capable holster maker there is. I now have Theis holsters for all my handguns - some with lasers that were not available on Tommy’s website. He told me that he would still make the holster for me if he could get the laser. So I had it shipped to him from manufacturer and the fact that he would still do that shows how he is willing to do anything possible to help make his customers happy. I will always use Theis Holsters to help me carry so I can protect myself and my loved ones.
-Michael Skelton
I just received my holster and it fits perfect Tommy called me personally and told me that the Pacific type of gun that I have and the laser that I have holster that I picked out wasn't going to be to the Pacific means that I needed so he had to make a hybrid holster and that holster fits a few of my guns with the attached laser I ordered the inside the waistband and now that I see the quality I'm about to order an outside the waistband
This is my 4th product that I have received over the years. As always excellent quality and the owner responds quickly with any questions you may have. All my holsters I currently own are all from Theis Holsters. Comfortable, reliable, Durable. That's how i describe the products. Thank you much for all the hard work you do. Potential customers, Give him a try, its worth it.
-R. James D. (California)
Mr. Theis makes what I believe is the top tier version of an IWB holster. I just ordered my 4th Hybrid IWB holster from him with premium leather and full slide coverage options. The holster just plain works like it should, fits very comfortably (the longer you wear it the better you like it, sort of like an old pair of tennis shoes) and the only thing that worries me a tad is that I often forget it's there, lol. Seriously, it is that good. Made in the USA by hand, mind you, and with pride that shows in his products and the fit and finish along with exceptional performance! Buy with confidence. J. Helms
I have your holster for my HK VP9 SK with the attached Viridian laser/flashlight. The combination fits very well into your holster. I was having trouble finding a supplier for the particular pistol/laser combination, and was pleased to have found that Theis Holsters made one.
-Thomas W. Daly
Excellent product with outstanding quality.
-Robert Baez
I have not received my holster yet, but the communication has been useful and concise. I am very excited to receive my holster, and it is very clear that Theis Holsters are carefully made with quality craftsmanship.
-Shannon Smith
Ordered a holster for a revolver. Steal of the century! Excellent quality, fast manufacturing and shipping, fits like a glove, and reasonably priced. I will order more in the future!
-Dave K
I started looking at new holsters because I got a great deal on a Vitidian Reactor laser and needed a holster that would accommodate the equipment. To my dismay there weren’t a whole lot of options out there. Which brought me to the Theis Holsters web site. Not only did he have a variety of styles and options available for my equipment, but he also had exactly what I was looking for. After talking with Tom the owner of this one man show he assured me that I would be very satisfied with my new holster, and that after wearing it I would never want another holster. He was absolutely correct. I LOVE MY NEW HOLSTER!!!! Tom is a fellow military veteran and like most of us will not accept substandard quality and workmanship. Thanks again brother, I’ll be in contact soon for a triple magazine holster if that’s a option.
-Craig Wasielewski
Just arrived! What a masterpiece; you are a real artist. There aren't enough superlatives to use to describe the holster. Compared to the Crossbreed holster (POS, IMHO) I bought because I was desperate for a holster to use for my annual re-qualification (retired LEO) before I discovered your website. There is no comparison; smaller, lighter, more comfortable. Have to wait to order one for my Ruger LC-380 with same sights next week after the VISA account closes for this month, Ha-Ha! Looking forward to completely the next order soon. Thanks again, Tom. I'll write a 5-star review when I get it broken in. Definitely 5-stars! Just ordered same for my Ruger LC-380. Look no further for your next/replacement holster. You will not be disappointed.
Thanks Mr Theis for a quality product. I just recieved your EX-Clip hoster for my Sig P938 and it fits perfectly. The wide single clip is easy to put on and take off and stays in place. I ordered this when I got my P938 because my other EZ-Clip holster for my P229 and P238 were perfect as well. You make a great product, keep it up. Warren
Great workmanship and service. I'll be back for my next holster!
I've purchased three holsters for two different guns - Glock 42 w/viridian, and a HK SP5k w/viridian. They all fit perfectly. I've had to send other holsters back to the manufacturer because the fit was so poor, but not here. All of these holsters I purchased contained a magnet that activates the laser when the handgun is drawn. Fantastic Product and worth the wait.
-Kevin S
I just received my 4th Theis holster and, as always, I am very, very pleased. This one was for my L40-A1 and it was not specifically on Theis's list but he made sure it would fit perfectly, excellent service always. These are the most comfortable IWB holsters I own, bar none.
-David A.
Like most of you, I've bought many, many holsters over my years 15+ years of carrying concealed and over 40 years of firearms ownership. I'm always on the lookout for the 'next best thing'. It seems like every time I buy a new handgun, I wind up giving in and buying what I'm told is the perfect carry holster for this new firearm. Well, I'm done with that. I have a pile of holsters that are either unwieldy or don't properly secure the firearm, or are broken/damaged or are downright awful and uncomfortable to wear. I should know better by now. I bought my first Tommy Theis holster over 10 years ago, if I remember correctly. it was an IWB horsehide holster for a Glock model 30. I still have and use that holster, having moved over the years, to metal clips and replacing the hardware a couple of times. Since then, every time I bought something other than a Theis holster, I wound up ditching it and buying one of Tommy's holsters. I now have one for that Glock 30, a Beretta Nano, an Springfield XDS and my current favorite carry, an S&W Shield 9mm. And I've just ordered one for my new baby, a Sig P226 Legion, single action only 9mm. With Tommy's holsters I know for a fact that my firearm will be secure and available, AND comfortable! I'm now a one manufacturer owner - I'll ONLY buy holsters from Tommy Theis from now on. Thank you for a great product, Mr. Theis. Doug Fitler Pittsburgh, PA
-Doug Fitler
Another great holster from Mr. Theis, I own 5 of different styles for different firearms. I've never had any issues, have had a couple of questions and Tommy has always been there to help answer them. I always recommend him to my friends and they love his products. Thanks Tommy
-Jim R
I've only had my Holster for several days, but! I am already happy with it and am going to really enjoy the Breaking in Process, I ordered a IWB Holster for a Walhter PPQ 45 Cal and for me the Cant is perfect and the ability to conceal a full size pistol (with proper clothing adjustment) is awesome it's as if it was Custom made for me only,now of course it is Custom(handmade) but the fit is ,,,,,welllll Awesome, thank you sir for your Excellent work it was well worth the wait which wasn't really long at at.
-R. Stevenson
For a long time when I needed a belt I'd just pick up a cheap belt from the store or Amazon. They would claim to be leather but you could tell it probably wasn't real leather. After a couple months the belt would fall apart. Having 3 Theis holsters and remembering that Theis makes gun belts, I decided to try out a Jake belt because I know Theis does quality leather work. And I knew I'd be getting what I'm paying for:real leather. I measured according to the instructions on the site, and placed my order. I received the email that the order had shipped a few days later, and received my belt 4 days from when I received the email. When I opened the package I was immediately impressed with the thickness and quality of the belt. I tried it on and the size was perfect. I've been wearing it for a couple days now, and so far it seems like a very sturdy belt that will hold up for a long time. As always I'm very satisfied with my purchase.
Not only did Tommy make me a custom holster for my Kimber Elite Pro but when I needed information on his products he took the time to talk to me about them. Very friendly and I love my holster and Jake belt. JH Alaska
-Amazing holsters and customer service!!!
I received my Single Clip Hybrid Holster in about ten days, which is pretty good considering that included two weekends. The fit and finish is excellent. The leather is comfortable and the gun clicks in for positive retention. This holster holds the gun in really close to the body for easy concealment. Thanks Tommy, Jake and Kera.
-Tom S - San Antonio
Each of my 3 hybrid holsters from Tommy have been incredible. I have a ruger sp101, SW 642 and a sw shield that are all holstered by Mr. Thies. I have tried numerous holsters for each gun and Tommy's have surpassed them all in quality,comfort, concealability and possibly most important usability. He was very prompt when answering any questions and made me feel important and looked after with each product I ordered. He was very flexible and allowed me to change an order, which most do not do. I only use his holsters and recommend Tommy to all of my friends without hesitation. It takes some time to get the holster, but you are getting a superb product. I have two iwb double clips and one iwb single clip. I like the clips he uses because they look like a belt loop and are inconspicuous. The leather is quality and the holsters conceal perfectly. Retention is great I get the full barrel covered. Again, I can't say enough about his products.
Thank you for the week turn around on repairing the retention on my holster. I did not expect a brand new kydex, that was a shock. You have great products and a great customer service. Thank you again.
-Ralph pry
Awaiting my IWB holster which shipped today. If it's as good as the last several holsters I've purchased from Mr. Theis, I'll be a happy camper. By the way, I've only purchased several holsters due to having several guns, not because the broke or failed. I break a clip once, but Tommy replaced it for free and sent me an extra one just in case.
-Brian Boulet
Just recieved my new IWB This Holster for my G30 with a C5L. It is perfect! I know it still needs some break-in, but I couldn't be happier. Thank you!!!
-Jeff J
Did my research and was lead to Theis Holsters. First I was looking for quality and attention to detail. Then I was focused on key features, I was looking for Veridian auto on/off since we have C5L’s on both of our FNS 9C’s. I went to the site and all the options I could want were there, styles and features. If you have questions drop Mr. Theis a note, I had the opportunity to speak with him about my next planned order for my FN Five-seveN with a Viridian X5L Gen 3 (waiting on availability). I also plan to put a RMR sight and possibly a longer threaded barrel (for a suppressor) all things that affect the design of a holster...he addressed all my concerns and even had me hold off on the order until the specs for the new Viridian X5L Gen 3 were released. ( Other folks might have held my money while I waited, good way to do business I’ll keep coming back ! ) Quality of the finished products I have received so far have been impeccable. Perfect fit, draws great (my skills are what needs lots of work !) Viridian Instant-On works perfectly. Have the following: (1) IWB Hybrid (Viridian C5-X5) for FNS 9C (1) EZ-Clip Hybrid (Viridian C5-X5) for FNS 9C (1) IWB Tuckable Mag for FNS 9C Clip Mr. Theis does all the work himself and it’s all custom and he knows what he is doing. Best things in life are always with waiting for , I got order much sooner than expected. I wrote a long review because seldom do people take time to recognize good quality However, they are quick to complain... Long positive review that was well earned!
-Armando Ramirez
Received my premium leather double mag holster for my Smith & Wesson M&P full size magazines a couple days ago. Just like the regular hybrid pistol holsters that Mr. Theis makes, it is excellent quality. This is the first magazine holster I've ever had, and I'm not disappointed one bit. Great work as always, 100% satisfied.
Hello sir, just received my holster for my m&p 380ez. Another piece of fine art, fit is spot-on, and draws like greased lightning. Thank you!!!
My second Theis IWB holster as amazing as the first. Bought for a G19M with an X-300 light. Not an ounce of extra weight and impeccable fit. Anchors solidly on belt for smooth consistent draws, and stable enough for solid one handed reholstering. Great comfort, durability, and attention to detail.
I can't say enough from the people at TheisHolsters. Competitive prices, great turn around time and a QUALITY product. However, the customer service is second to none. Their has a repeat customer here without a doubt, and I won't hesitate to recommend to my buddies.
-Eriel G.
When I bought my first pistol(M&P Shield 9mm) a few years ago I decided to buy a hybrid holster to carry it in. I did plenty of research and determined what I wanted from my hybrid holster. It just happened that the Theis holster was exactly what I wanted. I decided to order one with premium leather, and full slide coverage. It arrived quickly, and it was everything I expected and more. A beautiful holster. I bought a new pistol(M&P9 2.0 Compact) recently, and as soon as I knew the firearm was on its way to my FFL I ordered a new Theis holster. Again I went with premium leather and full slide coverage. I selected quick ship, and received an email that it was on its way the next day. 4 days later I had my new holster. Another beautifully done holster, 100% satisfied.
My Theis holster is exactly what I hoped for. Well made, concealable, and solid. the communication form the seller from order to my door was outstanding. I paid for the 3-5 day shipping and it was delivered in three days (including the weekend). I bet I would have received the holster in 5 days even if I wouldn't have bought the fast shipping. Mr. Theis is a true craftsman and a puts a premium on customer service, if you choose his products you won't be disappointed.
-Frank Bryan
A little late with my review but just wanted to give a shout out on my Jake belt I received as a Christmas gift. I have bought 3 or 4 hybrid holsters from Mr. Theis and I have always appreciated the fit and function of his holsters. So, when my mother asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I knew that I wanted a Jake belt. Followed the directions for ordering. Perfect fit and great quality. Thanks!
Awesome product. Does what is said it will do. You can tell the product is made with pride, as long as I carry my firearm it will be in a Theis holster.
-Jake G.