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U wont find a better man for the job ive worn many holsters for years and have never been this excited to get a holster thanks again tommy
-Kirby ward
Guys I don't usually write reviews but couldn't help myself Tommy theis is at the top of the holster industry in my book I have worn and bought many many many different kinds of holsters and none have ever come close to what I just got from him. If you are on the line make the leap you will not regret it. I give them a 12 out of 10 any day of the week.
-Kirby ward
Guys I don't usually write reviews but couldn't help myself Tommy theis is at the top of the holster industry in my book I have worn and bought many many many different kinds of holsters and none have ever come close to what I just got from him. If you are on the line make the leap you will not regret it. I give them a 12 out of 10 any day of the week.
-Kirby ward
Bought a iwb holster for a Block 43, best holster I have owned. Thanks
Received my new IWB holster for the M&P Shield 2.0 with Crimson laser and EZ Clip double mag holster. From day of ordering to receiving took only 6 days with the expedited shipping. The quality and workmanship is outstanding. Some break-in time is needed but don't think it'll take long at all. First day wearing it and it seems very comfortable. It's obvious that Theis appreciates the orders as his quick response and attention to detail is noted. Would definitely order from Theis again. Details of the order: IWB Holster Right Handed; Slide Coverage:Full Slide Coverage; Leather Type: Premium Leather; Clip Options: Powder Coated Metal Clips; Shipping: Quick Ship (3-5 Days); Gun:Smith & Wesson m&p Shield M2 with built in laser. Mag Holsters: Kydex Double Mag Holster: EZ-Clip; Gun: Smith & Wesson m&p Shield 9,40
-Paul M
I have worn a black Jakebelt daily for approx 6 years. I have never had a belt that I wore regularly last more than a year before. I'm hard on things,, shoes, clothes, etc. My black belt is still in great shape, but very well worn. I am very surprise by how it has held up. So, I just ordered two more, one of each color. Best carry belts out there.
-Brian R
I've owned my Theis holster for 4 years and I love it. (Glock 26) looking to get another for glock 43. Highly recommend.
-Chris Short
Follow up review.. 3 1/2 years ago I bought the 2 clip IWB holster and Jake belt to carry my XDm 3.8. 45. I have used the holster and belt every day since I received it. What a phenomenal product and quality is top notch and so comfortable sometimes I almost forget it's there. I recommend to anyone who wants a Good holster and belt. Which a good belt is just as important as the holster. There is cosmetic wear which is expected after that long but is still great and going strong. This is the best purchase I've ever made. Thank you so much Tommy. When I need another you will definetly get my business..
-Rich Cyphert
Outstanding IWB hybrid holster!!! I recently outfitted my Springfield XD Mod 2 45 sub-compact with a Viridian C5L laser/tactical light. Since my go to IWB holster is usually a Crossbreed super tuck, I was broken hearted to find out that Crossbreed currently doesn't make a holster for my gun with the Viridian set-up. Crossbreed recommended Theis Holsters to me and I couldn't be happier with my new Theis custom hybrid holster. Quality and fit out of the box was outstanding, needed little to no break-in for my weapon. Tommy also sent a personal note with instructions for care and break-in procedures for this custom holster. Thank you Tommy for the quality holster!!! I recommend Theis Holsters for anyone wanting a quality custom holster.
-Mark R.
Christmas day my son opened his present which was a Jake belt. Before I knew it, his old belt was on the floor and his new Jake belt was around his waist. He knew he would love the Jake belt because he already had purchased a holster from you. Thank you so much for your outstanding workmanship and politely correcting the belt size for me after I placed the order incorrectly.
I just received my IWB holster for my S&W M&P M2.0. This is the second holster that I have purchased from Theis, my first one is for my S&W M&P Shield. The quality of both holsters is excellent. Based on my experience with Theis, it is the only company I will purchase my holsters from. I highly recommend the premium leather and the full slide coverage to take full advantage of the Theis quality. You will not be disappointed in the premium leather as it molds extremely well to your body, the full slide coverage is a must for concealed carry to avoid any fuzz and debris on your firearm.
I wasn’t familiar with Theis Holsters. Tommy was recommended by Crossbreed holsters as they didn’t make a holster to fit my rig combo. Placed my order and received it today. I must say the reviews have it right. Incredible quality holster at a great price and you can’t beat the warranty. Many thanks Tommy couldn’t be happier.
-Mike Sere
I have bought at least 6 holsters from Tommy all for different firearms and they all are made great and definitely worth the money. He even went as far to customize a specific holster I requested. I would never buy from another company. Thank you!
Just received my IWB Holster for my Beretta PX Storm Compact and the fit is perfect. Tommy does top notch work and for a total custom piece in a one man operation the turn around time is very quick. Also got the Jake Belt and I’m glad I did as it’s very well made and I don’t think my regular belts would have provided the stability that the Jake does to support the Holster properly. I’ll definitely be ordering from Tommy again.
-Scott Ford
I just received my IWB/OWB holster for my 1911. This is the second holster that I have purchased from Theis. Again, the quality of the holster is outstanding and the Jake Belt fits and looks great. Based on my expereince with Theis, it's the only company which I will purchase my holsters from. Great Job Theis!!
-Al Alvarez
Just received my Theis OWB Holster for my Ruger 9mm American with a laser/light attachment. The pistol with the attached light/laser fits perfectly in the Kydex Holster. Well made and a great fit so I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I thought it might require some break in to retain the pistol and still allow a clean pull but it feels great. Needless to say I wouldn't hesitate to order another Theis Holster and most likely will soon.
-Al Oehler
I just want to thank the third team for a speedy order and this is my second holster from your company i very happy with the first one Great Job love your work
-Gary Fort Jr
I purchased a Jake belt and hybrid holster for my Walther PPQ a couple of weeks ago. To say both products are excellent would be an understatement. The Jake Belt is not only my favorite "gun belt" that I have ever owned. It's now my favorite belt in general. It's that nice. So what can I say about the holster? A lot. If you're a gun owner, you NEED a proper retention holster. Don't get some one size fits none nylon piece of junk. They're unsafe and can lead to unintentional discharges and serious injury. I have had several holsters over the years of varying quality, but I have never had a leather/kydex holster as nice as this one before. Moreover, I can't find a similar one for this low a cost, especially not left-handed. This isn't just a holster out of a factory, this is a handmade product that was made for me specifically. And it was money well spent. I've worn it everyday, and it's broken in properly (meaning it has molded to my body and doesn't squeak) just as Mr. Theis said it would. I am glad I found this website. I am glad I've purchased this belt and holster, and I would happily do business with Mr. Theis again and recommend him to anyone interested.
Great holster, follow the directions for adjusting retention. Fits snugly and is very concealable for my Glock 30s. Would highly recommend.
-IWB Holster review
I bought a single clip tuckable and a tuckable mag carrier 4 years ago. After daily use for 10-14 hours a day the holsters are better than new. I say better because they are broken in and very comfortable. The leather molds to the gun and your body over time. After trying out several other holsters for my new pistol I decided to get what I know works and get another Theis single clip. Still the same quality as before. I like the fact that he only makes holsters that will work and will not make changes on request that he feels are unsafe. He does quality work and in a timely fashion. My last holster was received less than 10 days. I didn't check the mail for a few days so could have been sooner than 10 days.
Hi Tommy, I just received my new holster for my Walthers PPQ .45 . I never, EVER expected any gun holster to fit this well. I am absolutely shocked the gun with the Streamlite TLR4 has a absolutely perfect fit and retention. I couldn’t be any happier thank you ! ,Bill . S
-Bill ,S
This is an incredible, custom-made holster. It fits my Rossi 461 like a glove. You can hardly tell it is there. Thanks Tommy!
-Great Quality
I have purchased and used his holsters for all my pistols; you can't beat the quality, fit and wearing comfort they offer. I have been a customer / user of his holsters for several years and highly recommend his products. Gary Simpson
-Gary Simpson
I bought my first IWB holster based on my brother's recommendation. I broke it in and it has been great. I only adjusted the slant of the holster as it hangs on my belt/pants. I bought another brand holster for another gun and that was a huge mistake. After trying to adjust it to fit correctly, I gave up and ordered another Theis holster. It fits the gun great also. Bottom line, don't waste your money on another brand! Just order the best to start with.
-Mo Anderson
I recently purchased an OSWB holster for an XDm with Viridian C5L light. The quality is outstanding, Fits like a glove-PERFECTLY! In fact I'm ordering one for my Threaded barrel XDm with X5L. Order to ship time was great. STRONGLY recommend Theis Holsters.
-Milan Mijatov Jr
Just got my holster today.It fits my Taurus 111 G2 with Viridian C5 green laser like a glove.The quality and workmanship are unsurpassed.I up graded to the premium leaver and it feels great on.I will probably get my son one for his birthday.I sent pictures to my buddies now they are asking for the website.Thanks for making a great holster.
-Kenny Lewis
Thank you so much for the excellent craftsmanship in this holster! This is now my second holster I've ordered from you. I love both of them. The EZ clip is exactly what I was looking for - something that matches the lighter wear during the hot summer months. Thanks again.
-Nathan Frizzell
I bought an IWB Hybrid holster for my Springfield XDE. I have an athletic build so I have been having trouble carrying without printing or without having my old holster slide down my belt when I carry it in a place where it doesn't print (5 o'clock). The holster I got from Theis solved both of those problems quickly. I was able to easily adjust the cant to where I like it (about 30 degrees) by adjusting the placement and angle of the clips so it sits exactly where I need it to. I don't have any problems with printing or movement anymore and it is very comfortable to wear. I've worn it to the movies and sat on it at 5 o'clock for the entire 2 hours with very little discomfort. I like it so much I bought a mag holster too. I would highly recommend these holsters.
Tommy, I just wanted to confirm the arrival of my custom made holster today and how pleasantly surprised I was to open the package. The holster you made for me was love at first sight. Not only did I find that it was very well made but it also fit my pistol perfectly and without any needed adjustment. In this day and age it is truly amazing to find anyone who is able to handcraft anything with such skill and detail as you did with my holster. It is a beautiful piece of work and I know I will enjoy wearing and using it for a long time to come. Thank you so much for taking the time in creating such a wonderful product for me. With kind and best regards,
-Orlando Huguet
Just received my kydex holster for my p320 compact. This is the forth holster plus a Jake belt that I have ordered from Tommy. All I can say is another job well done. Quality and fit are spot on.
-Rick James
Tommy, Just got my holster in the mail for my Taurus Millenium PT145 PRO with the Armalaser GTO and I have to say what a " FANTASTIC " job !!! Great craftsmanship. I just tried it out and it fits and works perfectly I have no need to do anything to it. Smooth holstering & drawing. I'm so glad I came across you, and you'll be my holster man from here on out and I will recommend you to everyone I know !!! People if you read this review go with Tommy you can't go wrong and you will be very pleased - WELL WORTH EVERY CENT !!! Timely turn around and and customer service - you have any questions give Tommy a call he will be happy to help you promptly !!! Thank you Tommy 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 Jack
-Jack W
What a great experience dealing with Theis Holsters. Honestly stumbled across the brand and purchased my first IWB for my Sig Ultra Compact 1911 the next day. Every email was answered promptly and upon shipment received an email that answers every question you could have about your hybrid holster. I have always been a tuck guy with my Remora, and have wanted to transition to OWB and IWB. This holster is well made, not as wide as some which is a plus in my book. The first time I tried it, I felt like the holster had always been there and adding my Sig Ultra even wearing shorts was so comfortable. Front, back and side the 1911 disappeared under my t-shirt. Thank you Tommy, I will be back.
-William Chitwood
I am very well pleased with my holster. It fits like a glove, professional workmanship. Thanks so much. Van
-van farley
I ordered my holster two weeks ago, got it today. And with only having it for a day, this is the best holster I have ever had, I can already tell. I can tell I'm wearing it, but only just! And holds my gun great. And more important than all of that, easy draw, and no one can tell I have it. And for a full-size gun (Walther PPQ 45) that's saying something! And top notch customer service from Mr. Theis! Something almost unheard of these days.
Highly recommend Theis Holsters. Quality product. Bonus: Tommy answers emails promptly and the wait time is only a few weeks ... Not months and months and months and months. Bersa owners, you especially will like the products.
-Tony Ott
I own quite a few gems however this custom IWB for HK45 with Armalaser GTO/FLX14 full slide cover and premium leather is a work of art; Fits like a glove, can't tell it is on my side. You can tell us was Made with pride in the USA.
I recently purchased a holster for my EAA Windicator revolver. What a great holster! Nice, snug fit, and the tension is just right. It did squeak a little when first worn, but that was resolved by wearing it and using a very small amount of baby powder. I can wear this all day. It is very comfortable and conceals well. I highly recommend this holster.
-Greg Griffin
Got my single clip IWB custom holster a couple weeks ago and man is it beyond my expectations. Glad i went w the premium leather too, super soft. I got the metal clips which works perfect. This is by far the nicest holster I've owned and I've owned quite a few like most people. It's perfect for appendix carry and conceals quite nicely. I seriously love the way my shield / tlr6 weapon light fit snug in the holster with perfect retention set by Mr Theis himself. If you're looking for an amazing quality hand crafter holster for your edc with a weapon light look no further!
I was so pleased when I found Tommy Theis and his ability to make an IWB holster for my PX4 and light/laser addition. I have used holsters from the "big boys" and my Theis wears as well or better. I will NEVER use anyone else for any of my concealed-carry needs. Tommy knows his stuff.
-Michael Skelton
About 2 yrs. ago bought a belt/iwb holster for my compact .45. I am a plumber,crawling in tight spaces.In and out carrying equipment etc.The pistol is always secure in the holster.The belt,after 2 yrs. of wearing to work is in fantastic shape.I carry appendix as it is most practical for my situation.The degree of comfort of this holster is great even when driving.If you buy a holster,you need the belt. You will not find a better one elsewhere.I have tried various holsters/belts over the years,these are the only ones I've used for this length of time. Tommy knows what he's doing,give him a try.
Owned tons of holsters in the past..I came across Theis honestly by accident as i was searching out something new. I ordered the ez clip for my G27 and was blown away at the craftsmanship and comfort. Mr. Theis makes a great holster and i couldn't be happier. I will definitely be ordering another when money allows. Thank you for the great holster. I absolutely love it.
-Toby Gifford
I spent a lot of money on holsters then I found Theis Holsters, the best holster ever. For being a handmade holster the turn around time was awesome. I highly recommend these holsters
-Thomas Cutshall
Bought an IWB for my M&P 40C two years ago. Loved every minute of wearing it. Broke in fast and never lost retention. Recently got rid of the 40C and got a Glock 42. I will be buying an IWB for it very soon. Best holster I have ever owned.
The holster I have is a very good holster. I will buy another Theis holster soon. I bought mine from Shoot House USA. They were right, I would like it.
This is an excellent quality product and i would recommend this to anybody i come across. You will definitely get a repeat business with other handguns i purchase. Take care! Joe
received my holster today, will not need the 2 week trial, fits my shield perfectly with the laser, Thanks Tommy great job 5 stars
-Vince Lafayette
Just received my second Theis holster and it is every bit as good as the first. I'll be adding a third one soon.
-D. R.
I searched long and hard for an IWB holster for my Rossi 462 .357 revolver. Other than the "generic" type "one size fits most" holsters, I couldn't find anything for my pistol. I came across Theis Holsters from a recommendation on an internet gun forum. I am thoroughly impressed with everything about Theis Holsters. I emailed him with a question and he replied very quickly with a detailed answer to my question. I ordered a holster and received it about 3 days later. The holster is excellent quality, very well made and specifically for my pistol, and fits my pistol perfectly! I will never buy another holster from anyone else....there is no reason to. Mr Theis has high quality holsters that fit your pistol exactly, his prices are right in line with any other place that you can buy a comparable holster, and he treats his customers right. Support small business and buy your holster here!
Best gun belt I've ever owned. Looking forward to many years of service. I keep coming back to Tommy's products.
-Frank D
This is the only company that commercially makes a holster specifically for the EAA windicator revolver.
Just got my conceal holster two days ago. First time wearing it and I'm already in love with it! It super comfortable and doesn't pinch or grab skin like some of the other brands do. The quality is superb and very well crafted. The best part, it fit my gun perfectly! I have been looking for months to try and find a holster for a Beretta 90-two (not a 92. They aren't the same) with a Surefire light attachment. My options were all available to me in the drop down menus and once I received my order, it fit like he used my gun to make it! The only complaint I have is I didn't get enough business cards (or stickers perhaps?). I ran out in a day! Great holster and I recommend it to everyone!
-Matthew S.
I have purchased two of Tommy's holsters. One for my walther ppq and one for my sig p320 sub compact. Both were shipped quickly and arrived in a nice padded envelope. Tommy has always been quick to respond and very polite. The holsters are top quality leather and very well made. I can tell that his attention to detail and craftsmanship are excellent. I will definitely be purchasing from him again if I change to another carry pistol.
I purchased an OWB full-slide holster for my CZ75 Compact clone about a year and a half ago, and I absolutely love it. The craftsmanship is superb and it is extremely comfortable. The product arrived quickly and in perfect condition, and the customer service was fantastic. I have nothing but praise for Mr. Theis and his products, and I would recommend them unconditionally. That being said, I would warn against purchasing the OWB holster for concealed carry, particularly with medium to large firearms. While it is possible to conceal with extremely baggy clothing (ie. a heavy winter coat), this holster is really more suited to open carry or situations where concealment is not a priority. From what I can tell this is less of an issue of this particular holster and more of an inherent problem of OWB in general, so if you are looking for an open-carry or extremely comfortable cold-weather option, I cannot recommend this product enough.
Bought a tuck able for my sig p239. Made edc easy very confortable
-Randy kelly
I bought a quick-ship IWB for my M&P Shield 9 and could not be happier with it. The workmanship is top-notch, the owner is friendly and helpful, and the holster broke in very quickly and is quite comfortable. The clips did squeak a bit at first but some mink oil fixed that. Now I (almost) forget I'm wearing it. I will be buying more Theis holsters.
-D. R.
Thies Holsters are very responsive via phone and email. They helped me find a hard-to-find fit for my firearm. The quality is first-rate and they comfort is outstanding. I often forget I have it on! I am excited to try their other products. I trust Theis Holsters without reservation.
-G Haines
Just received my new IWB holster for my new CZ 75 Compact, it is just perfect!!!! Again, another great job from this great guy. Carrying in Texas and Arkansas with confidence. Go Hogs Go. D Williams.
-David A Williams
I just received the EZ Clip holster for my Glock 42 and I gotta say its the most comfortable, well crafted and best fitting holster I've ever owned! I also purchased the Jake belt and it is made with the same quaility and craftsmanship. This holster will be used for my backup duty weapon, so quality was very important to me. I am glad there are still folks like Mr. Theis that take great pride in their work and I will definetly be buying all my future holsters from him. Best of all it's made in the USA!! Thank you Mr. Theis!

I am probably spoiled now after Theis holsters came through with a quick ship holster for my gun that is excellent. My cz75D pcr is what I choose to carry but left me with limited holster options compared with more popular handguns. The holster that TT shipped to me arrived in 4 business days --- and this is counting from the day I had ordered. After 20 pulls --- it felt just perfect for retention. The combat cut draw lets my hand pull the gun and my trigger finger rests just where I like it. Fantastic workmanship and comfort. I have my gun on now while I type this sitting in an office chair.
-T. Dale
i ordered my holster for a smith and wesson 686 with a 2in. barrel. this is my main carry. this holster is very comfortable and very good quality, at an excellent price, it conceals well under a shirt or even a tee shirt. thanks tommy.
-dewaine sherman
I stumbled upon Theis holsters while looking at one of the big names. One of the commenters raved about his Theis holsters, so I thought I would check it out. I am glad I did. I ordered a single clip (for tuckability) for a Ruger .380 LCP with Crimson Trace laser. It arrived on schedule as Tommy had indicated - 3 weeks, 1 day after I ordered. I got this holster to appendix carry. Thoughts after a couple of days wearing the holster: 1. Comfort - It seemed pretty stiff out of the package and I thought I would have some break-in time. Wrong. 5-10 minutes after I put it on, I didn't know it was there. 2. Concealability - Tommy has designed this so it sits low and holds flat against my side. It does not print the gun even with a fairly snug t-shirt on. (44 chest in a 42-44 shirt.)Someone with a practiced eye might be able to figure out that I'm carrying, but I doubt it. 3. Tuckability - it's easy to tuck and again no print. It also a pleasure to have found an old-fashioned craftsman who takes pride in doing great work. I'll be ordering another holster for my 9 mm, as soon as I replenish my budget from having bought a Ruger AR-556 over the weekend. This holster is a superb piece of work.
I have a couple of Theis holsters (inside the pants and outside the pants) and just ordered another one. I've been carrying concealed in Texas and Arkansas for quite a few years. There's nothing like a good holster and Mr. Theis makes some of the best. On top of all that his turn around time of a couple of weeks is incredible. Frank
-Frank Garza
We believe in quality products. While it is true that mass production has dramatically lowered prices quality has also been reduced as well. We have Theis Holsters for the Glock 26 and the Glock 43 and we appreciate level of quality. A common problem we have found in comparable holsters is inadequate levels of retention for the handgun. Theis Holsters don't have that problem. Even with active motion the firearm stays firmly in place which is important especially if you are using a striker fired handgun with no external safety. We prefer Theis for our IWB holsters.
-James and Kimberly Spears
Once again, I am surprised and excited to get my new Theis Holster. The shipping was extremely quick and everything needed was provided! Thank you once again! I will be back for more!
-Jake - FL
Got my second Theis holster today and it's as perfect as the first one. The day I got my first one I took a nap and didn't take it off - it fits so perfectly that I didn't even notice it was on. The one that arrived today is just as good. Don't look anywhere else, Tommy's holsters are unbeatable. Yes I have a drawer of questionable holsters as I have searched for perfection - now I have finally found it with both holsters!!
-Chris P
Finally somebody got it right. Just received my holster. Excellent fit and very comfortable. Kudos!
-James Mills
Just received my IWB holster for my taurus pt840c after struggling for months to find a good fitting holster. I ordered this and 10 days from order it was delivered, pretty impressive for a full custom fit. Couldn't be happier with the quality and experience. Highly reccomended from me.
-Chad M
I just received my brand new iwb holster for a taurus model 617 and I gotta say I couldn't be happier.Not only is this a custom holster made with quality hide but it was made and delivered in less than 2 weeks!!!!!holy wow!!!!This holster fit's me perfectly and almost immediately after wearing it I forgot I even had it on,and that's saying something since it's holstering a .357 magnum. This holster is backed by Theis warranty which is guranteed for life.I won't be buying holsters from anyone else and you shouldn't either.Theis is the way to go.Thank you so very much.
-Anthony Wyels
Received my Compact OWB holster today for my Ruger LCP custom. Beautiful fit, fits like a glove. I've been carrying my Ruger in a pocket holster but now I can wear it on my belt comfortably. Thanks again Steve Crofcheck
-Steve Crofcheck
Just got my holster today. Work, fit, and finish are excellent. Function with my Veridian X5-L is perfect. I can only most strongly recommend this product to any hand gunner.
-Dr. Greg Peterson
Outstanding holster! Theis holsters was the only company I could find that made a holster for my pistol. I received it in the time frame that was specified and I'm very pleased with the quality. I will purchase from Theis holsters again!
My second order. Received a .45 mag holster for my G21. I love the quality and detail that Theis put's in his work. Thank you very much.
Purchased a double clip holster. I'm a big ol boy and finding a comfortable iwb is hard for me. Got the theis in 2 weeks after ordering. Been wearing it daily now for about 2 months or so. I don't think I could find a more comfortable holster! Fit is perfect, and after a few minutes I forget it's even on and that's with a Glock 30 or glock 22, not exactly small guns. Got it hung on a door and bent a clip, Mr Theis is sending me one at no cost even after I offered to pay. So not only is the holster the best one I've tried by far, the customer service is even better!
-Patrick Fisher
Received my holster yesterday in a timely manner, and MAC 1911 Bobcut fit like a glove, comfortable to wear new can't wait till it breaks in to see how much more comfortable it's going to turn out. Thanks for a great product and service. Mervin
-Mervin Fulcher
Just ordered my third Theis Holster. The other two that I have are the most comfortable IWB holsters I've worn. Outstanding quality. Firearm may change depending on clothing for the day, but what they'll be carried in will not. Can not go wrong with Theis.
-N. Tucker
I received my Springfield XDS .45 mag holster today. Quality and work is perfect. One happy customer. THEIS HOLSTER's I'll be back!!
-Mag holster
I want to thank Tommy for an extraordinary holster. The EZ clip for my FNS40 is awesome. It is so comfortable and this is not a small firearm. The ease of putting on and off and the comfort have made this my go to holster. Thanks Tommy!
Just received my holster today and it's amazing! I have a Springfield XD-40 with a light on it and I was having trouble finding any type of holster for it until I was told about Theis Holsters by a friend. My weapon fits amazing and is very comfortable to wear. I will definitely be getting more holsters for some other pistols.
-Robert W
I purchased a holster from Tommy, oh, three years ago at this point. Back when he was still able to source quality horse hide for use in his holsters. Short story? You won't go wrong buying from Theis Holsters. Tommy is a great guy that provides personalized server that you just won't find at this price anywhere else. For example, when one of my kydex clips broke I contacted him directly and he sent me a new set of clips metal clips, no questions asked. I'm very satisfied with my holster. It's comfortable, high quality, and the few people I've showed it to were surprised at the very affordable price.. It competes with (or beats) other more expensive holsters when it comes to quality. If you're considering this against a CrossBreed holster or similar, save the $10 - $15. This holster is just as high quality and comes with much more personalized service.
-Justin M.
I got my IWB Mag holster today for my Taurus 24/7 G2 and it fits great and very comfortable.
-Chad S.
I bought one for my Ruger LC9, the fit was great and you can hardldy tell that you have it on. Great product!!!!!! Thanks
-Bryan Broadhead
Just received my third holster from Tommy, GLOCK 43,26 and 19, so glad I found out about his product. The quality of his holsters is far superior than any I've seen, they are already broken in when they arrive at your house. Just the other day I showed my neighbor one of my holsters (G19) and his immediate response was "that's exactly what I have been looking for". Today I received a copy of his order for his sig 226 tac op. I have also order from Tommy his owb mag pouches and they are also the best I've seen. You will not go wrong from ordering any of Tommy's product
I own 6 holsters from Tommy and as long as he is in business, I will never purchase from anyone else. Maybe his cute grandson, when he is old enough will take over and continue in grandpa's footsteps. Fantastic quality and top notch customer service.
-Tony Hayek
Very satisfied with my holster I received. I wish I had found you before I ordeyed one from kt holsters. I love the quality and the comfort. Very well made and high quality. The ecr holster works great. Will definitely buy from you again. Thanks again
-Mark Burnette
Mr Theis, This my second holster and I can't be more satisfied! I have tried them all and yours are the most comfortable. A+++ Sincerely, Jason Mathews Clayton, NC
-Jason Mathews
This is my second holster. I have a Jake belt and have purchased holsters for my daughter, son and son in law. We all love everything we have purchased. The fit and quality are better than any other holster that I have tried. That includes Cross Breed and Alien Gear.
-Clark Miller
Tommy, I just wanted to say thank you for the repairs you made to my holster recently. The turnaround was fast, the holster looks great and I'm back in business! Always carry, never tell. Thanks again, Terry
-Terry Ostheim
I ordered a standard IWB Tuckable for my SIG 1911 Ultra 9mm. The quality is spot on, the price is great, and the lead time was just as advertised. I won't hesitate to recommend these holsters for anybody shopping for a hybrid holster. Two thumbs up!
-Mike P.
Quick ship holsters really means QUICK SHIP!! I am so surprised. My holster got here in under a week. I just started breaking it in today and I am excited to be able to carry with my Theis Holster. I knew this was the right place to come and purchase from. If you're contemplating - this is the best out there! Thank you for your quick communication as well. I will be purchasing from you in the future again.
-Jake - FL
I have had my new holster for a few months now and it is the best in my collection. I where it 10 hours a day 5 days a week. The other 2 days I carry a larger piece and it's holster sucks by comparison. So, I will be getting a new one for that piece from Theis shortly. If you need a holster for inside carry, Get a Theis.
-Dusty Dollar
I received my holster very quickly after placing my order. The holster is excellent, it fits my full size 1911 like a glove. It is extremely comfortable and an excellent product at a great price point. Thank you very much I will be recommending you to my friends anytime they are looking for a quality holster.
I bought a Theis Holster about 2 years ago and have loved it over this time and decided I should finally leave a note. It fits me well, it has been very durable and if I ever change pistols I will buy another Theis holster for the new one without a second thought. Thank you sir for making a quality, made in the USA product!
Was 100% pleased with my experience. Thank you so much!
-Haley Johnson
I got my theis iwb two clip hybrid holster in yesterday. It is supposed to get more comfortable after it is broken in, but it is out of the package the most comfortable holster I have ever worn! I plan to order another for my glock 19 in the upcoming weeks.
-Clayton H
Excellent product and customer service. I could not be happier with the holster. Highly recommend.
-Mark V
By far the best gun holster I\'ve ever had. Smooth draw comfortable fit it\'s the best by far! best money ever spent!
I have several holsters from Tommy and I am complete satisfied with each one. I had one that had a laser on it and I took the laser off the gun. I wrote Tommy and he had me send it back to him and send a small amount of money to remake the whole holster. To me it is the best holster for the money. My first one is three years old and is still in great shape.
-Dennis Creedon
I was having a hard time finding a holster for my Taurus 709 with a laser until I heard about Tommy Theis and his handmade leather holsters. I ordered one with the premium leather and received it within 2 weeks. It is very comfortable and very concealable. I highly recommend buying a Theis holster.
-Wendell Price
I received my holster & mag carrier 3 weeks to the day I ordered it & I\'m very pleased. Very comfortable. I have a Taurus PT 1911AR, their not very easy to find a holster for. I believe Tommy was one of the first to make a holster for this pistol & as far as I\'m concerned, he makes one of the best! Thanks, Tommy!
-Dave Goebel