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Speedy Clip OWB Holster


This OWB holster was designed to be worn on your belt. It is a super comfortable holster for all day wear, and works great for range day practice. It holds your firearm secure and close to your body. There is no need to thread your belt through the holster. The Speedy Clip allows you to clip it on the outside of the belt. The Speedy Clips lock under the bottom of the belt, so the holster will not come off when you draw. It comes with fully adjustable ride height and weapon cant. All Speedy Clip Holsters have a full sweat shield for smooth drawing and reholstering. This holster will conceal easily with a loose cover garment. You will find the same quality and craftsmanship in this holster as you do in all of our other handcrafted products. 

Rail mounted lights and lasers can be added to this holster. They are labor intensive, so the add-on fee is more than a HYBRID style holster with the same setup.

This holster can accomodate all lights and lasers, but not all lights/lasers are listed for this product. If your light or laser is not listed, Contact Me for a custom built holster.


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