Hybrid Holsters

EZ-Clip Hybrid Holster


This is an EZ to use holster. The EZ Clip allows this holster to be worn at any position.

This holster is designed for wearing Inside the Waistband(IWB), but can also be worn Outside the Waistband(OWB) by placing it between your belt and pants. Wearing this holster OWB gives you the up close fit of a IWB holster with the comfort of a OWB holster.

The holster comes with mounting positions for forward cant, mid ride, and high ride. It is very EZ to put on and take off, and can be made for all lights and lasers.


*Due to the sensitivity of the on/off switch of the CrimsonTrace Railmaster CMR-201, CMR-202, & CMR-206, this holster will not work for those lasers. Please select a non-Hybrid holster for those particular lasers.

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