Hybrid Holsters

Double Clip IWB Hybrid Holster


The Double Clip IWB Hybrid Holster is by far the most popular holster I make. They are TUCKABLE, durable, and extremely comfortable for all day wear. They are designed to be worn from the 3 to 5 o'clock position(9 to 7 for LH) for optimal comfort.

The leather backer is matched to the size of your firearm, and covers the full length of the slide. The ride height and weapon cant are both fully adjustable with this holster. The IWB Hybrid Holster comes with two 1.5" heavy duty powder coated metal clips to hold your firearm firmly in place. Polymer clips and 1.75" clips are also available.


*Due to the sensitivity of the on/off switch of the CrimsonTrace Railmaster CMR-201, CMR-202, and CMR-206, this holster will not work for those lasers. Please select a Non-Hybrid Holster for those particular lasers.

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