Kydex Holsters

Paddle Holster


Paddle holsters are a very popular choice when convenience is important. Their design allows for more placement options, as well as the flexibility of being able to remove the holster without removing your belt. They are great for going to the range or carrying your favorite handgun to the woods. Paddle holsters do protrude further from the body than belt holsters, so they are not the best choice for concealed carry. However, with its flexibility, convenience, and comfortable fit, it is a great choice for many users. You will find the same quality and craftsmanship in this holster as you do in all of our other handcrafted products

Rail mounted lights and lasers can be added to this holster. They are labor intensive, so the add-on fee is more than a HYBRID style holster with the same setup.

This holster can accomodate all lights and lasers, but not all lights/lasers are listed for this product. If your light or laser is not listed, contact me for a custom built holster.

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