Holster Care
Holsters will squeak a little untill they get broke in but it will go away. You can put a little baby powder on it from time to time to help stop the squeaking.

The retention level is different for everyone so I try to go middle of the road where they firmly hold the firearm in place while allowing you to draw your firearm comfortably from inside your waistband.

If you would like to change the retention level of your holster I can walk you through it over the phone. If you have any issues at all please email me, and leave me your phone number and the best time to call and I will get back with as soon as possible.

Holster Wear
I do not line my holsters, and here is my take on this. I have carried both my G27 and my G30 in this type holster for 6 years and there is no holster wear on the leather side of the slide and no holster wear on the kydex side either. It is not the kydex or the leather that wears the finish off the firearm it is the dust particles that settle between the firearm and your holster. As you walk they work on your firearm like sand paper. If you carry every day take a real close look at inside your holster and around the trigger of your firearm and you will see what I am talking about. I unholster every night and atleast twice a week wipe down my firearm and inside my holster and I believe that this is why my guns show no holster wear.



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Holster made with 100% natural horse and cowhide. As such, there may be small imperfections in the leather that do not affect the performance of the final product.