Which clip should I select?
The powder coated metal clips are by far my favorite, unlike other metal clips in the industry there are no sharp edges. 90% of my customers choose this clip. It locks up good under the belt so the holster firmly stays in place, yet is the most user friendly when it comes to removing the holster. The "Extreme Duty Kydex Clip" is made from hefty .125 kydex and will do a awesome job keeping your holster in place, finally we have a kydex clip that is almost as strong as the metal. They are stiff which makes them a little harder to put on and take off, but this would be my choice of the kydex clips. The J-clip is my least favorite clip, but there are some people who love them. They clip over your pants and under your belt putting the weight of the gun on your pants instead of your belt. So really they all work it is just a personal preference.

Do you or can you cover the slide of my firearm with kydex?
Yes I can cover the slide it is a $10.00 option. Full slide coverage covers the complete lower section of the slide all the way to the muzzle. The bottom remains partially open so it does not collect debris.

What are the advantages of a horsehide holster?
They are stronger, yet thinner than cowhide, making them easier to conceal. Horsehide does not absorb sweat like cowhide, because it is more dense and much more durable than cowhide. The horsehide I use is 100% natural with no color or dyes to stain your clothing. When you first receive your horsehide holster it will seem a little stiff, with daily wear it will form to your body and become very comfortable.

What kind of guarantee do you offer?
All holsters come with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Lifetime warranty. Wear it 2 weeks if you don't like it, return it for a full refund!

What payment options do you offer?
You can pay with your credit or debit card. You DO NOT have to have a paypal account to use your card, they just process the payment for me. If you have a paypal account you can pay with it. You can always mail me a check or money order if you choose.

Can you put a mag holder on the same piece of leather as the gun?
I just don't build them with the mag holder attached.The main reason I don't is I can't feel good about it. If your are in a situation that you really need the other mag. The last thing you need to do is to have to change hands with your gun to get the spare mag and then change hands again to continue firing. That could get you killed and that is what bothers me. Knowing that I made a man a bad design on a mag holster is why I just can't do it. I just firmly believe that the gun needs to stay in your good shooting hand and that mag holder needs to be on your weak side where you can grab it and slap it in that gun quickly and keep firing. I hope you never have to do that any way, I hope you can understand my feelings on this.

Do you make a small of the back holster?
My holsters are not designed to carry small of the back and I do not make a holster for small of the back carry. While it seem to be a great way to carry a firearm, it is the most dangerous. Just say you take a hard fall backwards the firearm can cause serious spinal injury. Plus drawing with your palm out, the muzzle has to sweep your body when you pull the firearm out of the holster and it is too easy to shoot yourself, especially if you are in a struggle. Last but not least should someone get you pinned down it is extremely hard to get to your firearm. there are not many holster makers that build a sob holster, not many that care about the safety of there customers anyway. I would love to have your business, but there is just too many problems with small of the back carry for me to build that type holster.

Can you add more leather to cover the grip ?
I only make combat cut holsters which does not cover the grip. The reason I will not cover the butt is simple if you have to draw your gun to save your life the last thing you need is a piece of leather hitting the web between your thumb and forefinger causing you to be 1/2 second to slow on the draw.I would like to have your business but it is not worth it to me to sell you something that i feel is a unsafe design.

Can I change just the kydex part to hold another gun?
When I started building holsters I deicided not to build them to change kydex and here is why. When I first started carrying long before I even thought about building holsters being able to change kydex bodies on m-tac holster sold me, I thought it was a great idea. I bought 1 holster and 2 extra kydex bodies. As time went along it became such a hassle changing out the kydex when I wanted to change carry guns that I just bought 2 more leather backers so I could have 3 full holsters.You see, that leather molds to the gun and when you put another gun in the holster when you change kydex it takes a while to ever fit like it should because the leather is molded to the other gun. I just did not want to put my customers through what I went through, because some things just aren't as user friendly as they seem.



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Holster made with 100% natural horse and cowhide. As such, there may be small imperfections in the leather that do not affect the performance of the final product.